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n. pl. hoo·doos
a. Magic healing and control, especially in African-based folk medicine in the United States and the Caribbean. Also called conjure.
b. A practitioner of hoodoo.
2. Voodoo.
a. Bad luck.
b. One that brings bad luck.
4. Geology A column of eccentrically shaped rock, produced by differential weathering.
tr.v. hoo·dooed, hoo·doo·ing, hoo·doos
1. To practice hoodoo on; affect with a charm or curse.
2. To bring bad luck to.

[Of West African origin, possibly from voodoo.]

hoo′doo·ism n.
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Noun1.hoodooism - a religious cult practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries (especially Haiti)hoodooism - a religious cult practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries (especially Haiti); involves witchcraft and animistic deities
cultus, religious cult, cult - a system of religious beliefs and rituals; "devoted to the cultus of the Blessed Virgin"
hoodoo - a practitioner of voodoo
zombi, zombi spirit, zombie spirit, zombie - (voodooism) a spirit or supernatural force that reanimates a dead body
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Mvuyekure argues that Neo- HooDooism, an African Voodoo-derived aesthetic, evinces Reed's postcolonial transformation of colonialist discources into discourses of self-empowerment and self- representation.