n.1.a visible impression on a surface made by the hoof of an animal.
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I have watched in many countries and played cricket twice on several polo field pitches that were full of hoofmarks.
In the case of On His Own, he will be attempting to follow in the hoofmarks of West Tip who triumphed in 1986, the year after he had hit the deck at the same stage of the race the previous year.
Just when Newcastle thought it couldn't get any worse, a familiar roughneck waded into the deep end and left his hoofmarks on the battlefield.
dog"--as if the very act of touching Pan's hoofmarks brings
That is, you go to that side of the hill, you will see a road kicked messy with the hoofmarks of cattle and horses on the lower level.
Her facial blemishes, "'like faint hoofmarks,'" are the "'tracks'" which he thinks he needs in order to renegotiate his past: "'Take my little hoof marks away?
The Track of this train, this It, equally natural and urban/mechanical, runs throughout the text; and Dorcas' hoofmarks and his mother's traces direct Joe's actions through much of his life.
Nicky Henderson saddled Trebolgan to win this prize following his RSA Chase success at the Festival and Bobs Worth attempts to follow in his hoofmarks.
And in a fixture where diplomacy has often come a poor second to getting your retaliation in first, the trail of bandages, broken bones and careless hoofmarks tends to corroborate Greenwood's succinct anatomy of enmity.
He can follow in the hoofmarks of Times Vital, who won the 2008 renewal of the Richard Boney James Hone Memorial Handicap as a three-year-old against older opponents.
MIKE TYSON'S circus swept into Britain yesterday leaving carnage in its wake and hoofmarks on innocent witnesses to the stampede.
The Tadcaster trainer is hoping the three-year-old will follow in the hoofmarks of his veteran Welsh Emperor and develop into a top sprinter.