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Noun1.hoopskirt - a skirt stiffened with hoopshoopskirt - a skirt stiffened with hoops  
hoop - a light curved skeleton to spread out a skirt
skirt - a garment hanging from the waist; worn mainly by girls and women
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She had discarded her hoopskirt and appeared not unlike a nun.
Then the visiting "watch below," transformed into graceless ladies and uncouth pilgrims, by rude travesties upon waterfalls, hoopskirts, white kid gloves and swallow-tail coats, moved solemnly up the companion way, and bowing low, began a system of complicated and extraordinary smiling which few monarchs could look upon and live.
It was a relief to be in a hoopskirt with a taffeta bow on my head, sharing vodka-spiked lemonade from a flask, with the other parents who'd just danced a Victorian quadrille with us.
It seems likely that Anna Magdalena would have worn an outfit similar to that of the Sangerin portrayed in Weigel's Musicalisches Theatrum; just this kind of hoopskirt was then being reviled and ridiculed by its many critics not least for its capacity to hide pregnancies.
According to Silber, "Davis certainly never wore a petticoat or a hoopskirt, yet these were the frequently mentioned adornments to the Confederate disguise" (625).
We stood still as dead men, if the dead could stand in dress uniform and hoopskirt finery.
Sweeper, 2001, features an elegant lady with broom arms and dustpan feet, hiding dirt beneath her dress; and in Marisol, 2001, a nineteenth-century hoopskirt becomes a perch for a small flock of birds.
Like a psychic hoopskirt, it moves when the seeing organism moves.
Couldn't see a toilet anywhere in her bathroom, until it occurred to me that that ruffled hoopskirt in the corner might be .
There rises in me, in the fullness of time, out of the source, out of the groin of the people, surging from somewhere far off, my lust to caress the singer on her hoopskirt and, on his frying pan, whoever suffers, and, fearlessly, the deaf man on the noises in his skull, and whoever returns to me what in my heart I'd forgotten, on his Dante, on his Chaplin, on his shoulders.
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