hop off

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w>hop off

vi (inf)sich verdrücken (inf), → sich aus dem Staub machen (inf)(with sth mit etw)
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And whenever East comes in, you should see him hop off to the window, dot and go one, though Harry wouldn't touch a feather of him now.
WE hop off at Newcastle's former Marlborough Crescent bus station for today's Then and Now picture feature.
Customers can now hop off the MAX service and on to the S1 to Teesside Park.
00 R 20 - 16 PR Radial tyres for fabrication of Double Decker superstructure for operation as Hop on Hop off buses, quantity - five nos.
Wanting to stop the world so Britain could supposedly hop off is for losers.
They can then conveniently hop on and hop off at locations of their choice, significantly enhancing connectivity within Downtown Dubai.
Schedules for the entire summer Hop On Hop Off Victoria service are located here
Then, from the end of April until the end of September, Birmingham's open top tour bus will be running every weekend as a hop on, hop off tour by request.