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Adj.1.horn-shaped - shaped in the form of a horn
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Uncus relatively short, medially broadened, apically tapering, with rounded apex; tegumen short and narrow; valva mediumlong; cucullus broadly rounded, covered with long and fine hairs; costal margin sclerotized, slightly concave; sacculus short; ampulla robust, relatively long, slightly curved, horn-shaped, apically rounded; vinculum medium-long, rather broad, Vshaped.
Some varieties include ``cuernito'' (little horn), a horn-shaped bread filled with sweet potato, pineapple or apple; puro (cigar), a cigar-shaped bread filled with strawberry; ``cono'' (cone), a flat bread shaped like an ice-cream cone with yellow icing; ``calzon'' (underwear), a diaper-shaped bread with yellow or pink icing; and ``guzano'' (worm), a bread shaped like a wavy worm with yellow or brown icing.
There was a similar idea at Alessi, where Faitoo, a metal bar with plastic horn-shaped hooks on which to hang kitchen tools, was drawing a crowd.
Consumers can choose from two designs - a sleek box-shaped audio dock with a piano-black finish or a stylish horn-shaped audio dock.
Peep down into the horn-shaped leaves to see its flower, but hold your nose
POT Noodle lovers can get their favourite snack in a horn-shaped pasty from tomorrow.
Cosmologists constructed the horn-shaped universe from a complex mathematical model called a Picard topology.
The town took its name from a horn-shaped lake left by the changing course of the Mississippi River.
Light microscopic examination revealed multiple irregular stag horn-shaped or "Great Lakes"-shaped cysts surrounded by aberrant terminal airways lined by cuboidal epithelium (Figure 2).
Georgian Valleys Corporation, whose Jani Red Wine comes in a horn-shaped ceramic bottle.
Horn-shaped drinking cups of this type were popular for at least a millennium.
There's a brilliant crescent moon, as if the full moon was pressed against a horn-shaped slit in the sky.