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Any of various birds of the family Bucerotidae of tropical Asia and Africa, having a very large bill often with an enlarged protuberance at the base.


(Animals) any bird of the family Bucerotidae of tropical Africa and Asia, having a very large bill with a basal bony protuberance: order Coraciiformes (kingfishers, etc)



any of various large birds of the family Bucerotidae, of the Old World tropics, having a massive, curved bill, usu. with a horny protuberance.
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Noun1.hornbill - bird of tropical Africa and Asia having a very large bill surmounted by a bony protuberancehornbill - bird of tropical Africa and Asia having a very large bill surmounted by a bony protuberance; related to kingfishers
coraciiform bird - chiefly short-legged arboreal nonpasserine birds that nest in holes


[ˈhɔːnbɪl] Nbúcero m
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The ferocity of their fierce faces was accentuated by the upturned, bristling tiger cat's teeth which protruded from every ear; while the long feathers of the Argus pheasant waving from their war-caps, the brilliant colors of their war-coats trimmed with the black and white feathers of the hornbill, and the strange devices upon their gaudy shields but added to the savagery of their appearance as they danced and howled, menacing and intimidating, in the path of the charging foe.
Joan rode on among the avenues of young cocoanut-palms, saw a hornbill, followed it in its erratic flights to the high forest on the edge of the plantation, heard the cooing of wild pigeons and located them in the deeper woods, followed the fresh trail of a wild pig for a distance, circled back, and took the narrow path for the bungalow that ran through twenty acres of uncleared cane.
The six- member band, which won the ' Find your Freedom' contest at Harley Rock Riders in Mumbai last year, recently also won the Delhi leg of ' Hornbill On Tour'.
The IUCN 2015 Red List update of birds shows 40 species globally now have a higher risk of extinction, including six of Africa's 11 vulture species, four of which are now critically endangered, along with the Helmeted Hornbill and the Swift Parrot.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Server, Desktop, Ups In Hornbill Nest, Aniidco, Port Blair
Case 1 was a 22-year-old trumpeter hornbill submitted for necropsy because of sudden death at a zoo in California.
But the announcement of its first ever Welsh season saw the musical - which starred Aberystwyth actor Meilyr Sion as the wise-cracking African hornbill bird Zazu - become the fast-selling show in the WMC's decade long history, with people queueing round the block when tickets went on sale last year .
But to hundreds and thousands of theatre fans around the UK, the 41-year-old actor has become best known for playing an African hornbill bird with a Glaswegian accent in the long-running touring version of the Disney-inspired West End hit The Lion King.
Naga weaves at Hornbill festival Tribal motifs, colourful shawls and headgear What: Whether it's making baskets or colourful hand-woven shawls, the Nagas have magic in their hands when it comes to craft.
On Sunday, he will travel to Imphal, capital of Nagaland to inaugurate the internationally acclaimed Hornbill festival which also coincides with fifty years of statehood for Nagaland.
The range includes the Octopus S520, the Falcon S451, Hornbill S551, Wolverine S501, and Obi F240, priced between Dhs799 for the flagship Octopus and Dhs99 for the budget F240 feature phone.
The range of mobile devices that go on sale today (October 1) include Obi's flagship five-inch octa-core smartphone, the Octopus S520; the Hornbill S551; the Falcon S451; the Wolverine S501; and a power bank feature phone, F240, said a statement.