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n. pl. hor·ni·tos
A low mound of volcanic origin, sometimes emitting smoke or vapor.

[Spanish, diminutive of horno, oven, from Latin furnus; see gwher- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -tos
(Geological Science) geology a low mound of volcanic matter that forms when lava is forced up through an opening in the cooled surface of a flow
[C19: Spanish, literally: a little oven, from horno oven, furnace]
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With a lineage that traces back to distiller Don Cenobio Sauza, who coined the term "tequila" in 1873, Hornitos prides itself on high standards.
March 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Hornitos Tequila continues to revolutionize the tequila experience with the introduction of the brand's newest on-trend offering Hornitos Spiced Honey, which features 100% blue agave Hornitos Plata Tequila infused with natural honey flavor and a special spice blend.
The projects covered by NEUTRAVEL include nature conservation initiatives (Amazon Forests in Peru, Valdiviana Reserve in Chile, Choco Darien in Colombia) and non-conventional renewable energy projects in Chile, including the Hornitos Center in the V Region and Nueva Aldea in the VIII region.
Casa de Pico, La Mesa: Four new margarita flavors for holiday cheering: Dos Rita with 1800 Silver Tequila, Triple Sec, Sweet and Sour, and Dos XX beer; Vampiro with agave nectar, fresh lime juice and La Pinta Tequila Pomegranate; Pink Cadillac with Hornitos Tequila, Triple Sec, Sweet and Sour, a splash of cranberry juice and lemonade, and Grand Marnier on the side; and, Spicy Apple Sour, with Gran Centenario Silver Tequila, agave nectar, Apple Sour and fresh lemon juice.
Funkin Margarita: Sauza Hornitos Tequlia and Funkin Mix with a squeeze of lime.
Beam Global's Hornitos tequila saw so much success from its 2011 inaugural Mash Up promotion--a mariachi mash up video featuring Cheap Trick--to celebrate Cinco de Mayo that they're doing it again in 2012.
I'm eating now, I got this Hornitos Plata tequila on the couch next to me and, self-satisfied, I took a nip from the cap.
Sauza Hornitos Plata, a floral, herbal tequila good in cocktails and Sauza Hornitos Anejo, a more complex, rich tequila that can be drunk neat, join Sauza Hornitos Reposado, launched in 2000.
Hornitos Tequila transformed the Crown Bar, Hollywood's newest hotspot on Santa Monica Boulevard, into a "Garden of Agave" with Mexican-inspired food and specialty cocktails that included the Crown Jewel and Ultimate Cinco Margarita.
The wide range of subjects available in Hornitos is well represented in seven lesser-known prints.
Driven especially by the Gold Rush-induced immigration, the Latino population grew significantly, extending from the original eighteenth-century coastal settlements to virtually every town and mining camp, from Yreka to Hornitos, Red Bluff to Stockton.
We give a tip of the sombrero to El Vaquero, where the waiter insisted that Sauza Hornitos was the only spirit that should add life to a margarita, because it is made of pure agave.