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Adj.1.hornlike - made of horn (or of a substance resembling horn)
hard - resisting weight or pressure
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Twelve miles north of Crater Lake, Thielsen's final 80 feet arc into the sky with a hornlike serif.
Those with undiagnosed lesions on their skin, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, sufferers of keratosis (a localized hornlike overgrowth of skin, sometimes discolored), people with an active outbreak of acne or rosacea, and individuals with autoimmune disorders, diabetes, eczema, lupus, psoriasis, or dermatitis may be unsuitable candidates for the in-office machine procedure.
But their defining characteristic is a red or green hornlike projection at the end of its body.
Echoing the tension in the subtle asymmetries of their postures and of this dark ground silhouetted between them, the man's hairline extends into a jagged connection with the female's forehead and is mirrored in a small, faceted, craggy shape in the bottom right corner, suggestive of a treacherous landscape, that in turn refers to another fang- or hornlike spike within the woman's arm.
In life, sheathed in hornlike keratin, the talons would have each been about a foot (30 centimeters) long, or about as long as the dinosaur's head.
When Spitteler returned to his laboratory the next morning, he found that the spilled formaldehyde had caused the milk to curdle, turning it into a hard hornlike substance, much like celluloid.
I must tell you this young tree whose round and firm trunk between the wet pavement and the gutter (where water is trickling) rises bodily into the air with one undulant thrust half its height-- and then dividing and waning sending out young branches on all sides-- hung with cocoons it thins till nothing is left of it but two eccentric knotted twigs bending forward hornlike at the top
In the air are horned larks, recognized by the black hornlike feathers on their heads and the high-pitched, tinkling notes of their songs.