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 (hô-rŏl′ə-jĭst) also ho·rol·o·ger (-jər)
One who practices or is skilled in horology.


(hɒˈrɒlədʒɪst) or


(Horology) a person skilled in horology, esp an expert maker of timepieces


(hɔˈrɒl ə dʒɪst, hoʊ-)

also ho•rol′o•ger,

1. an expert in horology.
2. a person who makes clocks or watches.
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Noun1.horologist - someone who makes or repairs watcheshorologist - someone who makes or repairs watches
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
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Other positions: - tbc, - horologist, - curator, - french polisher, - stone mason, - hr, - barista, - carpenter, - electrician, - plumber, - engineering, - architect, - data analyst, cyber security, - business analyst.
Home to the independent watchmaker's design and production facilities, the elegant estate near the shores of Lake Leman--the very place where the legendary horologist got his start in 1983--hosts a yearly showcase of new timepieces by brands affiliated with or owned by the Franck Muller Group.
TIME has literally stood still around Swansea since expert horologist David Mitchell ceased fixing the city's clocks.
I'm also a horologist," adds Kaya, only to be met with embarrassed silence.
It's almost as if the writers thought making Smyth exceptionally smart would make up for the horrid treatment she received from the much older pirates - this includes an academically inclined/horizontally reclined joke, as well a running gag about Smyth calling herself a horologist (horology is the science of measuring time - nothing sexual here).
Its internal workings - controlled by three separate clockwork mechanisms - are attributed to John-Joseph Merlin, the Belgian horologist and inventor who, amongst other things, gave the world the rollerskate.
Synopsis: Beautifully and profusely illustrated, "Breguet: Art and Innovation In Watchmaking" is a truly dazzling exploration of the work of renowned horologist Breguet is also a fascinating look at what makes watches and other timepieces tick.
Horologist David Mitchell, retiring at 72, turned the hands on eight landmark timepieces to 12 o'clock as he finished his last day winding up their manual workings.
Rebecca, who is an antiquarian horologist, said: "We have had a lot of positive feedback about our collaboration with Morgan Motors with enquiries and orders coming in from the UK, Austria, France and America.
The tale is a sexy one, when the frustrated young Concepcion plans an in flagrante hour with her poet lover while her horologist husband Torquemada is out winding the town clocks.
This is an ultra-lavish, oversize volume (12x12") featuring 240 generous-size illustrations (138 in color)--prepared as a tribute to the famed horologist George Daniels (1926-2011).
The Space Travellers' Watch created by renowned horologist the late George Daniels achieved several world records when it sold at Sothebys auction recently.