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 (hôr′ənt, hŏr′-)
adj. Archaic
Covered with bristles; bristling.

[Latin horrēns, horrent-, present participle of horrēre, to tremble, bristle.]


bristling or rough


(ˈhɔr ənt, ˈhɒr-)

bristling; standing erect like bristles.
[1660–70; < Latin horrent-, s. of horrēns, present participle of horrēre (see horrendous)]
References in classic literature ?
The STYGIAN Councel thus dissolv'd; and forth In order came the grand infernal Peers, Midst came thir mighty Paramount, and seemd Alone th' Antagonist of Heav'n, nor less Then Hells dread Emperour with pomp Supream, And God-like imitated State; him round A Globe of fierie Seraphim inclos'd With bright imblazonrie, and horrent Arms.
Iraq was a country whose regime had a proven record of the use of weapons of mass destruction -not just their development -and a regime so ab horrent that.
Thus when, our wonted valley left, we gain The mountain's horrent brow, and mark from thence The sweep of lands extending with the sky; Or view the spanless plain; or turn our sight Upon yon deep's immensity;--we breathe As if our breath were marble: to and fro Do reel our pulses, and our words are mute.
Theab horrent nature of such crimes unfortunately serves as a reminder that racial abuse and harassment continues to blight aspects of our national game.