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But Simon Weston, 54 - horrifically burned when the Sir Galahad was sunk - said Campbell's remarks were "ill-informed" and "stupid".
Emily Watson gave a stunning performance as Julie, a woman who had her daughter taken from her so horrifically.
Fight Like the Devil: The First Day at Gettysburg July 1, 1863 is a historical analysis and re-creation of the first day of the horrifically deadly Battle of Gettysburg, which lasted for three days during the American Civil War.
Sadly, the women have been injected with horrifically dangerous substances -- bathroom caulk, rubber cement, fix-a-flat, non-sterile silicone, you name it," Mendieta stated.
For parents like Abid Ali Shah, getting ready for school was horrifically painful.
Harvey, a Staffie crossbreed, was horrifically emaciated and covered in wounds and burns when he was picked up close to Black Lake in West Bromwich last week.
BRAVE Naomie Greenslade has vowed to carry out the volunteer work she set out to do in Morocco despite being horrifically attacked there.
It gave me a lot of confidence to be honest because I was horrifically terrified,"(http://www.
Secondly, in my opinion (and I think many would agree) that any reference to abortion equalling murder is drawn from religious ideology which I do not believe is fair to use in such an instance when the parents of these children are likely asking God on a daily basis how their children were so horrifically taken from them.
The dad-of-two, who was a Northumbria Police officer for almost 30 years, was at the helm of investigations including serial rapist Kevin Lakeman, from Sunderland, and killer Steven Grieveson, dubbed the Sunderland Strangler after he horrifically murdered teenage boys.
Summary: Social workers missed opportunities to help a 12-year-old girl who was drugged, tortured, raped and horrifically murdered by her uncle.
More than 340 soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan and thousands injured - often horrifically from roadside bombs.