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 (hôr′ər, hŏr′-)
a. An intense, painful feeling of repugnance and fear.
b. A state or condition marked by this feeling: stood in horror looking at the scene. See Synonyms at fear.
2. An intense dislike or abhorrence: had a horror of being forced to play charades at the party.
3. A cause of horror: "The creature that had seemed a horror in its box was, up close, a figure of sorrow" (Paul Theroux).
a. A genre of fiction or other artistic work evoking suspense and horror, especially through the depiction of gruesome or supernatural elements.
b. A work of this genre.
5. Informal One that is unpleasant, ugly, or disagreeable: That hat is a horror.
6. horrors Informal Intense nervous depression or anxiety. Often used with the.

[Middle English horrour, from Old French horreur, from Latin horror, from horrēre, to tremble.]


pl n
1. slang a fit of depression or anxiety
2. (Psychiatry) informal See delirium tremens
an expression of dismay, sometimes facetious
References in classic literature ?
And now, as I still continued to step cautiously onward, there came thronging upon my recollection a thousand vague rumors of the horrors of Toledo.
I find it difficult even to write; my hands shake so that they are not under control, and I am trembling all over with memory of the horrors we saw enacted before our eyes.
I cannot tell you, Miss Maxon," he said sadly, "how much I should hate to be the one to ignore your father's commands, and enlighten you upon this and other subjects which lie nearer to your personal welfare than you can possibly guess; but I feel that after the horrors of this day duty demands that I must lay all before you--you cannot again be exposed to the horrors from which you were rescued only by a miracle.
The face of the waters in petty but eternal unrest; and now the sun must shine to set it smiling, to show me its cruel ceaseless mouthings, to reveal all but the ghastlier horrors underneath.
And now he--the mighty Lord of the Jungle--he, Tarzan, King of the Apes, the only one in all the world fitted to find and save the child from the horrors that Rokoff's evil mind had planned--had been trapped like a silly, dumb creature.
The pencil, and not the pen, should describe the horrors which appeared in both their countenances.
But in spite of all the murderer's horror before the body of his victim, he must hack it to pieces, hide the body, must use what he has gained by his murder.
But all those death's heads were motionless and their dumb horror was not alive.
Hoisting the sails, and cutting the cable of the anchor, they sailed our vessel to an island which lay a little further off, where they drove us ashore; then taking possession of her, they made off to the place from which they had come, leaving us helpless upon a shore avoided with horror by all mariners for a reason which you will soon learn.
I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.
I saw astonishment giving place to horror on the faces of the people about me.
And Geoffrey has some unreasoning horror of the landlady which makes it very undesirable that he should see her again, in his present state.