hors doeuvre

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hors d'oeuvre

(ɔr ˈdɜrv)

n., pl. hors d'oeuvre (ɔr ˈdɜrv) hors d'oeuvres (ɔr ˈdɜrvz, ˈdɜrv)
a small portion of food served as an appetizer before a meal or as a snack with cocktails.
[1705–15; < French: outside of the main course]
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Suggested attire is casual for the party, where you will enjoy light hors doeuvres and wine.
Come inside the theater and warm up with music, hors doeuvres and raffle prizes.
The Club Lounge provides complimentary continental breakfast and complimentary evening hors doeuvres as well as a private area to relax, read or utilize high-speed Internet access.
CHAMPAGNE TOURS AT PINDAR VINEYARDS An inside look at the final stages of Champagne-making culminates with a glass of the vineyards Cuvee Rare Champagne, along with hors doeuvres.
Sheraton Club VIP guests are able to enjoy exclusive benefits in the Sheraton Club Lounge, offering round-the-clock access to the Club lounge and preferred rooms, Starbucks coffee, business center services and food and beverage selections, including complimentary daily breakfast, all-day snacks and evening hors doeuvres.
There will be an expanded buffet menu this year, with both hot and cold hors doeuvres, a cash bar, and various desserts.
From miniature hors doeuvres all the way to a full dinner--we do it all.
But we also strove to make the event a bona fide gallery opening, offering wine and hors doeuvres.
Adding wild rice or brown rice to dishes as well as serving whole wheat crackers with hors doeuvres can also ensure that there is a good amount of whole grains in your diet.
In the shows final Bushtucker Trial he chomped his merry way through Witchetty grubs, crocodile claws and other horrid hors doeuvres.
Like a fine meal, he said, treat the ship as your main course, and treat all your day trips as your hors doeuvres.