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Born and brought up in Bishopton, Stockton on Tees, Ann's involvement with horses started at an early age as her father, Norman Stephenson, was a horse dealer and also helped set up the North East show jumping circuit, along with Bobby Durham and Jimmy Jack.
But as cars and lorries began to replace horses, the yard was bought by horse dealer and slaughterer Frank Wooter - whose name still appears on the wall today.
I want a horse," he tells the Horse Dealer of Bad Man's Gulch, "an' it's gotta be tough because I'm Desperate Dan.
Georges Bernanos' first novel Under Satan's Sun (Sous le soleil de Satan) from 1926 contains a twenty-page fantastic episode: on his way to a neighbouring village a young priest, Donissan, meets a local horse dealer.
George was a 'Jack of all country trades' spending much time as a horse dealer and also working as a milkman.
Horse dealer Peter Kenneth Jones, of Plas Power Stables, Bersham near Wrexham had been convicted on nine counts at Mold Magistrates' Court in March.
A none event A GERMAN dad has sued a horse dealer who sold him a pounds 65,000 showjumper for his daughter with just one hitch - the horse wouldn't jump.
I was home at the Dublin Horse Show where I met Norman Richards, a horse dealer from Wiltshire, who specialised in hunters.
Adams is a horse dealer from Connecticut who picks up horses claiming they will go to her farm in Maine and then brings them to an auction in New Holland, Pa.
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His dad was a horse dealer - a bit like a car dealer now - and my father would travel around the country taking part in horse shows and posting his trophies home as he went.
IVAN THOMPSON was a New Mexico horse dealer who, after his first marriage failed, hit on the bright idea of not only looking for a new bride in Mexico, but helping other lonely American guys do the same.