horse manure

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manure - any animal or plant material used to fertilize land especially animal excreta usually with litter material
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United States], Dec 25 (ANI): On a lighter note, a box of gift-wrapped horse manure addressed to US treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin, found near his home in Los Angeles, sparked bomb scare.
The HPAB process can effectively remove horse manure fecal matter for composting and efficiently recycle waste wood shavings through separation, drying, processing and packaging for reuse.
The electricity used at this years Helsinki International Horse Show will be produced entirely with horse manure at Fortums Jarvenpaa power plant.
Police said they had a deal with the city council, so workers will clear up horse manure when officers make them aware.
BY GORDON DEEGAN A PENSIONER was yesterday convicted of assault in a row with his neighbour which involved him piling horse manure on a garden wall.
e crew arrived at Wentloog Road when a container full of horse manure was thrown at their appliance.
We dug in compost, chicken pellets and horse manure but the veg we tried to grow were puny.
Five nights a week I can count at least 20 piles of horse manure, some squashed onto the road and we even have to watch the horses poo while we have to wait to pass, and what does the rider do?
In the February/March 2013 issue, Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton say they use worm bins to decompose horse manure.
The idea is that you stack one tyre on top of another and fill the bottom one with fresh horse manure.
His crime: planning to fling a bucket's of horse manure at the Prince and the Duchess.
He sent the pessimist into a room full of toys and the optimist into a room with a pile of horse manure in it.