horse tick

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Noun1.Horse tick - winged fly parasitic on horseshorse tick - winged fly parasitic on horses  
hippoboscid, louse fly - bloodsucking dipterous fly parasitic on birds and mammals
genus Hippobosca, Hippobosca - type genus of the Hippoboscidae
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As he showed in the Fred Winter and in the Scottish Champion Hurdle, Ruby is the key to making this horse tick and if Overturn is in the line-up he is likely to get the strong pace he needs.
Training horses requires taking the time to understand what makes a horse tick at a very basic level.
Richard Quinn gets on really well with him, having partnered him to three of his five career victories, and it's an obvious bonus to have him on board as he knows what makes this horse tick
Steven Spielberg's War Horse ticks all these boxes.