horse trader

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Negotiation characterized by hard bargaining and shrewd exchange: political horse-trading.

horse trade n.
horse′-trade′ v.
horse trader n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: trader - a hard bargainer
bargainer, dealer, monger, trader - someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold
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A seasoned horse trader, whose main business is developing wind farms in Ireland, FitzGerald went against the crowd - and his own nature - in buying Trumps Up for 3,000gns at Tattersalls.
A MOTORIST has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving after a crash which killed a popular horse trader.
A MOTORIST has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving following a crash which killed a popular horse trader.
When Woodman became a horse trader in Kyrgyzstan, Scott leapt out of her chair.
PRISON FOR HORSE OWNER A HORSE trader from County Durham was jailed last year after leaving his animals to starve in biting winter cold.
Family man and horse trader Michael Kohlhaas (Mikkelsen) suffers an injustice at the hands of a young baron and when the law fails to give redress he takes up the sword.
Wronged by a local baron and with his wife murdered, Mikkelsen's 16th-century horse trader sets about raising an army to mete out revenge.
This fair is decades old and is being organised from the time of our father and grand father and is very famous across India," said a horse trader, Ganesh Yadav.
The Leeds-born daughter of a Romany mother and horse trader father, Norma came into the Burniston family after meeting Redcar lad Tom Burniston at Doncaster's racecourse.
Nearly 200 years later, a passing horse trader bought several hundred horses from Mission Dolores.
He worked for more than 30 years for Georgia- Pacific in the Irving Road division and was a lifelong livestock and horse trader.
He sent an experienced horse trader, Henry Wayne, to the camel markets in Alexandria and Smyrna.