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1. The hide of a horse.
2. Leather made from the hide of a horse.


1. (Tanning) the hide of a horse
2. (Tanning) leather made from this hide
3. (Tanning) (modifier) made of horsehide



1. the hide of a horse.
2. leather made from the hide of a horse.
3. Informal. a baseball.
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Noun1.horsehide - leather from the hide of a horsehorsehide - leather from the hide of a horse  
leather - an animal skin made smooth and flexible by removing the hair and then tanning


[ˈhɔːshaɪd] Ncuero m de caballo
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In the beginning, he made holsters out of horsehide and built a solid reputation within a decade before changing the company name to Galco In 1980.
I made Master Class in USPSA's Limited Division circa 1999 shooting that pistol, drawing it from a Kramer horsehide Vertical Scabbard, reloading from a Galco leather double magazine pouch, in an era when nobody was shooting single stacks in Limited Division, much less .
I've known of Greg Kramer and his solidly designed holsters and penchant for using horsehide for going onto 20 years.
It's available in five color options: Black, Havana Brown, Chocolate Brown, London Tan and Horsehide Natural.
A double-hook shape along with a rough-out surface texture of premium horsehide ensures the Front Pocket holster from Galco will remain in the pocket during the draw while allowing the gun to exit smoothly and be ready for use.
Brushback, Horsehide, Pearod and Wheelhouse are all terms used in which sport?
Known then as "The Original Jackass Leather Company," Gallagher specialized in holsters constructed of horsehide and built up a considerable clientele in law enforcement circles.
Promising a lovely view in kayak of Santa Barbara to a horsehide by the sea side, the Heaven on Earth gives tourists a real appreciation of the California Coast line and all its natural wonders.
In earlier times, horsehide was used to cover baseballs.
He described a two piece full contact custom made splint from horsehide wool felt, silastic and final layer of horsehide.
Later, after a leisurely conversation about horse blankets, horsehide driving coats, gauntlets, and sleigh driving years ago--it came up, I think, because of the sudden spring cold of the eve-ning--Norman headed home and I did too.
The Hawkeye State is better known for football than baseball--no Iowa prep has been a first-round pick--but Puk is opting for horsehide over pigskin.