A person who regularly bets on horseraces.


(Horse Racing) a person who regularly bets on horse races


(ˈhɔrsˌpleɪ ər)

a habitual bettor on horse races.
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Judy Wagner, 59, a diminutive mother of three and grandmother of six, is not your stereotypical horseplayer.
And he was a legendary horseplayer, which could not have endeared him to Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis, who tried for years to keep baseball players like Rogers Hornsby away from the track.
Willse had been a better publisher and editor than horseplayer.
Gene Courtney, a retired sportswriter who covered horse racing for the Philadelphia Inquirer until his retirement in 1981 and still handicaps for the Inquirer at a local track, said daily newspapers never really proovided all the information a serious horseplayer needed to bet.
Now, you may not know this, but Father Christmas is something of a horseplayer.
Said one handicapping guru, Lee Tomlinson, in The HorsePlayer magazine (yes, there's a HorsePlayer magazine): "I just don't care what anybody did in that race.
LEGENDARY investor Warren Buffett would surely have made the grade as a horseplayer had he not majored on financial markets.
So, other things being equal, Fairplex's front-runners are finishing one place better than Del Mar's -- a small but crucial difference, any horseplayer will agree.
The aging grandstands, the uneven brick walkways, the little neighborhood streets beyond the gates -- these felt like Friendly Confines for the horseplayer.
The great Wayne Lukas is not the only horseplayer in Louisville who's having trouble narrowing down the 132nd Kentucky Derby.
here are some things you can say to sound semi-informed as your horseplayer friends discuss Derby Week themes.
And make no mistake, this is a serious business, costing $200 to enter for a $20,000 first prize, plus a seat at the $1 million Horseplayer World Series in Las Vegas in January 2007.