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also hors·ey  (hôr′sē)
adj. hors·i·er, hors·i·est
1. Of, relating to, or resembling horses or a horse.
2. Devoted to horses and horsemanship: the horsy set.
3. Large and clumsy: illustrations that looked horsy on the page.

hors′i·ly adv.
hors′i·ness n.


(ˈhɔːsɪ) or


adj, horsier or horsiest
1. of or relating to horses: a horsey smell.
2. dealing with or devoted to horses
3. like a horse: a horsey face.
ˈhorsily adv
ˈhorsiness n


or hors•ey

(ˈhɔr si)

adj. hors•i•er, hors•i•est.
1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a horse.
2. dealing with or interested in horses or sports involving them.
3. rather heavy in general appearance or facial structure.
hors′i•ly, adv.
hors′i•ness, n.


horsy [ˈhɔːsɪ] ADJ (horsier (compar) (horsiest (superl))) [person] → aficionado a los caballos; [appearance] → caballuno


[ˈhɔːrsi] adj
(= fond of horses) → féru(e) de chevaux
[appearance] → chevalin(e)


, horsy
adj (+er)
(= keen on horses) person, familypferdenärrisch; horsey peoplePferdenarren pl; she’s a bit horseysie ist ein ziemlicher Pferdenarr or -fan
(pej: = horse-like) personpferdeähnlich; horsey facePferdegesicht nt


horsy [ˈhɔːsɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) (fam) (person) → che adora i cavalli; (appearance) → cavallino/a, da cavallo
References in classic literature ?
The driver was a young man of three-or four-and-twenty, with a cigar between his teeth; wearing a dandy cap, drab jacket, breeches of the same hue, white neckcloth, stick-up collar, and brown driving-gloves--in short, he was the handsome, horsey young buck who had visited Joan a week or two before to get her answer about Tess.
And so far as could be seen from the road - which it stood too near - the house itself appeared to be the one thing that the horsey purchaser had left much as he found it.
Hullo, Mahbub Ali' said a young Assistant District Traffic Superintendent who was waiting to go down the line - a tall, tow- haired, horsey youth in dingy white linen.
There is a wonderful sympathy and freemasonry among horsey men.
Keith Challenger, from Shepshed, sent in a picture of a young seal which was taken at Horsey Gap in Norfolk.
Mrs Frisbee, as rescuers called her, was near death when she was captured off Horsey Beach, Norfolk.
The Atlantic grey, nicknamed Mrs Frisbee, had become weaker and weaker as the plastic disc cut into her neck and was "nearly dead" when she was found at Horsey beach in Norfolk.
Mrs Frisbee when she was found A grey seal nicknamed Mrs Frisbee is released back into the wild at Horsey Gap in Norfolk
A grey seal, nicknamed Mrs Frisbee, is released back into the wild at Horsey Gap, in Norfolk
David Horsey apologized for describing Sanders as a "slightly chunky soccer mom" in his controversial column.
In the Learning Area, there are opportunities to meet exotic pets, meet top riders and trainers and hear from a variety of experts on both horsey and non-horsey subjects.
He was petting the mechanical bull and saying, "Nice horsey.