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Noun1.horsey set - a set of people sharing a devotion to horses and horseback riding and horse racing
band, circle, lot, set - an unofficial association of people or groups; "the smart set goes there"; "they were an angry lot"
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Plenty of us but the estate agents who have Station House in Morpeth, on the market think the horsey set would be ideal.
Ten years after the Labour government banned fox hunting with hounds the horsey set got in the saddle yesterday as around 300 traditional Boxing Day meets were held.
Not only do she and Taryn both love the show ring, but Taryn's twin brother, Chase, also is part of the horsey set, although with less fervor than his sister's.
com Travel Deals page is similar to Travelzoo or Orbitz, but for the horsey set,” said Darley Newman, the host and producer of Equitrekking, and an award-winning entrepreneur.
Surely there's a gel for him somewhere among the horsey set who enjoy spending time in draughty castles, glad-handing strangers in factories and laughing at the Duke of Edinburgh's jokes?
It retains Ascot and Aintree in horse racing in its limited racing view, two courses that are the bastion of the rich and horsey set.
I'VE always got the impression that some of the horsey set tend to look down at us doggie folk.
Also swigging champagne with the horsey set was Geordie pop star Michelle Heaton.
But it looked like Jordan just didn't want Peter hanging around her horsey set any more.
For the horsey set, it's an ideal fellow for towing and negotiating mudtracks.
It appears that more of the upper-class horsey set bothered to vote for Zara than did the middle-class golf set for Darren Clarke or the working-class boxing set for Joe Calzaghe.