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v. ho·seyed, ho·sey·ing, ho·seys
To place a claim on (something) before others can do so: I hosey the last cookie!

[Perhaps from French (je) choisis, (I) choose, first person sing. present of choisir, to choose (from Old French; see choice) or from colloquial English holdsies, word called out to stake a claim (probably from holds, plural of hold + -ie).]


vb (tr)
to claim or demand somethingto choose someone to take part in a children's game
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TOM McGLONE, throwing consistent arrows, emerged a 2-0 winner against Tony Corbett, while Argus newcomer RICHARD HOSEY (137 105 and five scores of 90 plus) gained a 2-0 victory over Alan Sutton (140 3x100 107).
Think Brillo pad on a non-stick pan," says Therese Hosey.
Perkins Eastman announced that Lance Hosey FAIA, principal and chief sustainability officer, has been named a 2015 LEED Fellow by Green Business Certification Inc.
Above, Evonne Hosey, Terri Carroll, Louise Wilson, Leigh Mackey, Emily Burrows, Becky Mascord and Amanda Elkington
For young couple Lauren Hosey and Robbie McMeekin, top of their new home wish-list was plenty of bedrooms for family to stay in.
Two of the latest to celebrate a happy arrival were accountants Diane and Simon Hosey, who had it all figured out when it came to having their second son, Daniel.
That same month, an appellate court overturned a lower court ruling that would have forced Joseph Hosey, a Patch.
The hosts were in seventh heaven thanks to touchdowns from Rhys Hosey, Paul Shirt, Rowan Hobbs, Connor Law, Andy Bayliss, Lloyd Hosey and a penalty try.
Teri Crosby brings over four years of insurance experience to her role as commercial account executive whilst trainee account handler Evonne Hosey joins as an industry newcomer.
Hosey, president and chief executive officer of the bank.
Joy Hosey is a relationship guide and coach living in southern Oregon.
Lloyd Hosey and Chris Williams grabbed hat-tricks and Andrew Veasey also crossed.