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v. ho·seyed, ho·sey·ing, ho·seys
To place a claim on (something) before others can do so: I hosey the last cookie!

[Perhaps from French (je) choisis, (I) choose, first person sing. present of choisir, to choose (from Old French; see choice) or from colloquial English holdsies, word called out to stake a claim (probably from holds, plural of hold + -ie).]


vb (tr)
to claim or demand somethingto choose someone to take part in a children's game
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Hosey said she plans to one day run for higher office, and her time on the committee has convinced her that it is a vital steppingstone for potential candidates statewide.
Gary Hosey, owner High Impact Development, said: "Our passion is delivering measurable behavioural change.
The firm was founded by Roy Peat and Peter Hosey thirty two years ago and currently supplies lift interiors across the East Coast of Australia.
Hogan, twice a BDO World Championship quarter-finalist, edged out Dave Walker 5-4 in a dramatic lastfour contest and faced Jamie Robinson, who had a 5-2 victory against Richard Hosey, in the final.
The Bridgend team are group manager Shaun Moody as incident commander, station manager Andrew Morgan, watch manager Allyn Hosey and firefighter Phil May on technical, watch manager Roger Magan and crew manager Les Evans on medical.
And if you're going to Faithless, Hangar are hosting an after party in their upstairs Gallery room with Bobofunk, the wonderful Andrew Hosey and the Strictly Deep DJs doing their thing from 10.
Brian Hosey regional manager of Marcus & Millichap's New Jersey office exclusively managed the search on behalf of the firm.
Think Brillo pad on a non-stick pan," says Therese Hosey.
Above, Evonne Hosey, Terri Carroll, Louise Wilson, Leigh Mackey, Emily Burrows, Becky Mascord and Amanda Elkington
The gruesome details were set forth in police reports obtained by reporter Joseph Hosey and described in articles he published on Patch.
For young couple Lauren Hosey and Robbie McMeekin, top of their new home wish-list was plenty of bedrooms for family to stay in.
Two of the latest to celebrate a happy arrival were accountants Diane and Simon Hosey, who had it all figured out when it came to having their second son, Daniel.