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v. ho·seyed, ho·sey·ing, ho·seys
To place a claim on (something) before others can do so: I hosey the last cookie!

[Perhaps from French (je) choisis, (I) choose, first person sing. present of choisir, to choose (from Old French; see choice) or from colloquial English holdsies, word called out to stake a claim (probably from holds, plural of hold + -ie).]


vb (tr)
to claim or demand somethingto choose someone to take part in a children's game
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The Hoseys, from Meltham, who met and both work for Kirklees Council said the pool was the best natural pain relief.
Two of the latest to celebrate a happy arrival were accountants Diane and Simon Hosey, who had it all figured out when it came to having their second son, Daniel.
Simon and Diane Hosey and baby Daniel, the latest success for the Birth Centre