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Noun1.hospitableness - having a disposition that welcomes guests and is fond of entertaining
friendliness - a friendly disposition
inhospitableness - having an unfriendly and inhospitable disposition
كَرَم، ضِيافَه


(həˈspitəbl) adjective
showing kindness to guests. She is one of the most hospitable people I know.
hoˈspitably adverb
hoˈspitableness noun
hospitality (hospiˈtaləti) noun
a friendly welcome for guests or strangers, which often includes offering them food, drink etc.
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Concepcion conceded that the Philippines has no military power to challenge China, but said that the country has the power to pursue good relations with its neighbors in the region through the friendliness and hospitableness of its people.
In addition to courteousness and sobriety mentioned earlier, meliorating formal virtues include politeness, decency, modesty, hospitableness, and unpretentiousness.
The BBS-JHU-SR combine also believes that this is the country of Sinhala-Buddhists and that the minorities are here because of the generosity and the hospitableness of Sinhala-Buddhists; the minorities can either accept this subordinate place and take care not to cause 'stress and concern' for Sinhala-Buddhists - or get out.