hospitalization insurance

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Noun1.hospitalization insurance - insurance that pays all or part of a patient's hospital expense
health insurance - insurance against loss due to ill health
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Contract award notice: 2016 / hfb / opmb / 33026 - framework contract for the collective hospitalization insurance for the staff of the flemish government and their close relatives.
Applicants also need to be able to provide proof that they have at least NT$100,000 (US$3,400) to cover basic living expenses for up to six months, proof of health and full hospitalization insurance for the entire duration of their stay in Taiwan, a certificate of good conduct and a plan for seeking employment.
CMS published the official 2017 premium notices for the Medicare Part A hospitalization insurance program, and the Medicare Part B outpatient and physician services program, today in the Federal Register.
Taiwanese insurance companies offer a variety of medical insurance plans to suit the needs of individual customers; hospitalization insurance (3) gives policyholders hospitalization benefits, which provide fixed cash benefits for each day of their stay in a hospital.
21) For medical and hospitalization insurance services, improvements were incorporated back to 2004 in the 2011 annual revision of the NIPAs.
The other one is Ri'aya Program which is an innovative hospitalization insurance product, where the MFW offers this unique gender-specific insurance product.
Wagner introduced in Congress a trial-balloon bill sketching an American Beveridge Plan, with compulsory Federal hospitalization insurance on an employee-boss-participation basis as a conspicuous feature.
Its branches and subsidiaries market a wide range of life and health insurance products, including traditional, variable universal and credit life insurance, as well as supplemental medical and personal accident products, health and hospitalization insurance, group life, pensions and annuities through a variety of channels.
Where Your Hospitalization Insurance Leaves Off--the NEA MemberCare[R] In-Hospital Plan Picks Up