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1. A traveler who stays at hostels.
2. Archaic An innkeeper.


(ˈhɒs tl ər)

1. a person who operates a hostel.
2. a person who stays at a hostel or goes hosteling.
Also, esp. Brit.,hos′tel•ler.
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Falling in Love with God" is a faith driven memoir from Bob Hosteler who shares his own experiences in building that powerful bond with God, and what that deep and personal affair with the creator can carry out into our life as, "Falling in Love with God" is a strongly recommended addition to Christian living collections and inspirational collections.
Intussusception is more common in boys; only one in four infants presenting with intussusception are females (Nelson and Hosteler, 2002).
Also noteworthy is the fact that Kit wields the wandering phallus only through men, specifically by passing it to her paramour and the hosteler, a fact about Kit's authority that perhaps brings the tale closer to the true nature of female power in the late Middle Ages.
Now because this world is as I tell you, not our eternall dewellyng but our litell while wandryng / god wold that we shuld in such wise vse it, as folke that were wery of yt / and that we shuld in this vale of labour, toyle / teares, and miserye / not loke for rest and ease / game, pleasure / welth, and felicitie / for they that so do / fare like a fond felow that goyng toward his own house where he shuld be welthye / wold for a tapsters pleasure become an hosteler by the way / and die in a stable and neuer come at home.
hosteler Historically, the term referred to the owner of a lodging establishment or person who worked at a lodging establishment.