hostile fire

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Noun1.hostile fire - fire that injures or kills an enemy
firing, fire - the act of firing weapons or artillery at an enemy; "hold your fire until you can see the whites of their eyes"; "they retreated in the face of withering enemy fire"
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The fire was now flaring about the ship's stern, whereon Achilles smote his two thighs and said to Patroclus, "Up, noble knight, for I see the glare of hostile fire at our fleet; up, lest they destroy our ships, and there be no way by which we may retreat.
Weighing 12 ounces, the system delivers immediate hostile fire location awareness to individual soldiers and gives unit leaders shooter grid coordinates.
When we asked about the exception to the pollution exclusion, for bodily injury or property damage arising out of heat, smoke or fumes from a hostile fire, the adjuster said that the next paragraph, which states that there is no coverage for loss, cost or expense arising out of any request to clean up pollutants, nullified the exception.
The security spokesman of the Interior Ministry has stated that at nine o'clock in the evening of Thursday, one of its security patrols at Al-Dair in Jazan Region was exposed to hostile fire across the borders from Houthi elements.
The spokesman said that at 10:50 on Saturday morning corresponding to August 6, 2016و a border guard patrol at Jalah center in Jazan Region was subject to hostile fire across the border from the Yemeni territories.
Gordon Elliott has chances throughout the card and should land the Sheridan Electric 4-Y-0 Hurdle, with either Hostile Fire or Vercingetorix.
NNA - An Apache helicopter gunship from the Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemeni rebels made an emergency landing Thursday just inside the border from Yemen, a Saudi official said, ruling out hostile fire.
A new hostile fire detection system may more accurately locate explosions, from longer ranges.
Jose Couso, a cameraman, was one of two journalists killed when three American members of a tank crew opened fire in response to what they said was hostile fire from a Baghdad hotel housing Western journalists.
Following the governor's decree, the United States flag and Illinois State flag fly at half-staff to honor those Illinois residents who are members of the armed forces and die by hostile fire or who are law enforcement officers and die in the line of duty.
Hood shootings and the attack in Little Rock were wounded or died as a direct result of hostile fire, albeit delivered by domestic assets of our foreign enemies.
The US army affirmed that the accident did not result from hostile fire and