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 (hŏs′təl, -tīl′)
1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of an enemy: hostile forces; hostile acts.
2. Feeling or showing enmity or ill will: interpreted the remark as hostile.
3. Being in opposition; opposed: hostile to the proposal.
4. Unfavorable to health or well-being; inhospitable or adverse: a hostile climate.
1. An antagonistic person or thing.
2. An enemy in warfare.

[Latin hostīlis, from hostis, enemy; see ghos-ti- in Indo-European roots.]

hos′tile·ly adv.
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Adv.1.hostilely - with hostilityhostilely - with hostility; in a belligerent hostile manner; "he pushed her against the wall belligerently"


[ˈhɒstaɪllɪ] advostilmente
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She saw, too, how coldly her father responded at last to Vronsky's bow, and how Vronsky looked with amiable perplexity at her father, as though trying and failing to understand how and why anyone could be hostilely disposed towards him, and she flushed.
The Muslim who hostilely estranges the Venetian is thus himself hostilely estranged by the Britain.
These writings are meant to engage readers in a reality that we all deny daily, whether we profess faith in Christ, are ambivalent, or are hostilely opposed to religion.
242) Store workers were more likely to respond benevolently to pregnant customers (with overly-friendly responses, affirming touches and affectionate but diminutive references like "honey" and "sweetie"), but hostilely to pregnant applicants.
The ASQ examines an individual's attributions to a broad range of negative and positive outcomes, such as meeting a friend who acts hostilely towards you.
For instance, when spouses act hostilely to their mates, their negative behaviours cause troubles in their relationship, thus their undesirable actions need to be explained to maintain a good relationship (Murray and Holmes, 1993).
The basic thing is that this government, which acts hostilely toward half of the Lebanese people, cannot continue.
Twentiethcentury Irish writers, despite often being "attracted to the rituals of the Church," have also been hostilely attuned to the fact that their newly emergent nation fostered such "a strong collusion between the Catholic Church and the state" that the latter "became in essence an unhealthy theocracy" (70).
Her writings were not treated hostilely in Israel until the publication of Eichmann in Jerusalem.
These include the sovereignty of the one God, as opposed to the belligerent and capricious deities of other religions; the goodness but also finiteness of creation, in place of viewing elements of the cosmos such as the sun, moon, and stars as divine and hostilely disposed toward human beings; and the dignity of humanity as central to God's plan for creation, not an afterthought fashioned to relieve the gods of work.
In Floating, Sid and Darnell are hostilely interrupted by local goons in a drought-stricken Rajasthan town -- and they later learn that the young men in the town have mostly turned gay in order to support their families.
The founding mothers of the women's movement did not regard their bodies so hostilely They unanimously opposed abortion, referring to it as "infanticide.