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 (hŏs′təl, -tīl′)
1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of an enemy: hostile forces; hostile acts.
2. Feeling or showing enmity or ill will: interpreted the remark as hostile.
3. Being in opposition; opposed: hostile to the proposal.
4. Unfavorable to health or well-being; inhospitable or adverse: a hostile climate.
1. An antagonistic person or thing.
2. An enemy in warfare.

[Latin hostīlis, from hostis, enemy; see ghos-ti- in Indo-European roots.]

hos′tile·ly adv.
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Adv.1.hostilely - with hostilityhostilely - with hostility; in a belligerent hostile manner; "he pushed her against the wall belligerently"


[ˈhɒstaɪllɪ] advostilmente
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She saw, too, how coldly her father responded at last to Vronsky's bow, and how Vronsky looked with amiable perplexity at her father, as though trying and failing to understand how and why anyone could be hostilely disposed towards him, and she flushed.
They can't say that Turkey acted hostilely towards the US," Cavusoglu added.
Civil rights violators include the hostilely noncompliant as well as the ineffectual.
When factual reality and scientific consensus are openly, and often hostilely, rejected, relying solely on empirical rationality and science has been ineffective.
The Salpetriere hysterics were coerced to pose for Charcot or face exile to the general asylum, where conditions were significantly harsher, while for performers such as Apple, who are deemed "unstable" by the court of popular opinion (as hostilely misogynist as that is), the conditions under which they acquiesce--or don't--to the use of their likenesses are far more ambiguous.
Mordecai's ultimate position as prime minister) protects his people, Jewish solidarity can be hostilely equated to Jewish difference, which was the rationale for Haman's planned genocide.
Even though the Internet and social media have become integral parts of identity development and contemporary social interactions, legal actors frequently react hostilely when confronted with individuals who have used Internet resources to explore their sexuality.
They were not friends, and an act of even genuine consolation might be interpreted hostilely.
Extensive observational research has demonstrated that African-American boys are often treated differently and hostilely within classrooms and that their behavior is shaped by that differential treatment.
After having hostilely apostrophized the poem's addressee, Ashbery seems almost to have internalized his antagonist's viewpoint, until the next lines show him stepping back from it again as the poem concludes: "Who cares about what was there before?
156) Madison valued religious liberty so highly that his principles would bar the democratic state from infringing it in any way, in word or deed, whether accidentally, incidentally, apathetically, hostilely, or even benevolently.
A fair, albeit I thought somewhat hostilely intended, question.