hot line

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or hot line  (hŏt′līn′)
1. A direct and immediate telephone linkup, especially between heads of government, as for use in a crisis.
2. A telephone line that gives quick and direct access to a source of information or help: a 24-hour hotline.

hot′ line`

1. a direct telecommunications link, as a telephone line or Teletype circuit, enabling immediate communication between heads of state in an international crisis.
2. Also, hot′line`. a telephone number providing direct access to a company, professional service, or agency, as for information, the lodging of complaints, or counseling.

Hot Line

An emergency communications link between the US and USSR presidents from 1963 to reduce the risk of accidental war, especially nuclear strikes.
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aide en lignenuméro d’urgencetéléassistance

hot line

n (Pol) → telefono rosso

hot line

n. línea telefónica de emergencia.
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There is little objection to the hot line or the background checks, even though the latter would be costly, but the fine increases will cut into the money available to improve care in many facilities.
JR East) called in a voluntary counselors' group to help set up the hot line after seeing 125 suicides on its tracks in the six-month period from April -- equivalent to two people every three days -- in areas in and around Tokyo.
Indeed, by the end of the book, Hot Line Cares has gone bust, fallen victim to scarce philanthropic funds and Flores' own Dostoevskian personal demons, which include a busted marriage and a tendency toward addiction himself.
In turn, efforts to reach out to a greater number of students led to the evolution of the concept of the Teen Hot Line.
The program's power was made evident recently when one of the featured criminals called the hot line himself to see how much information they had.
However, with the "gatekeeper" feature - which generally comes with access plans but also is used in some comprehensive plans covered employees must first review their problem with a hot line attorney who will assign a specific attorney if further services are required.
In the masquerade of the social symbolic, which is in effect "reality," Jews have a hot line to pathos.
The Extension Service activated the hot line earlier this month.
Last time when we lodged a protest, you may recall that they actually picked up the hot line and when we lodged the protest and after sometime the firing had stopped.
As for the military hot line in the east, Pyongyang severed it in December and restored it just last month, according to South Korea's Yonhap News Agency.
The poppy hot line has been busy with calls from young and old eager to play their part in this British tradition.
Our dedicated hot line centre team have been kept on their toes this week.