hot line

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or hot line  (hŏt′līn′)
1. A direct and immediate telephone linkup, especially between heads of government, as for use in a crisis.
2. A telephone line that gives quick and direct access to a source of information or help: a 24-hour hotline.

hot′ line`

1. a direct telecommunications link, as a telephone line or Teletype circuit, enabling immediate communication between heads of state in an international crisis.
2. Also, hot′line`. a telephone number providing direct access to a company, professional service, or agency, as for information, the lodging of complaints, or counseling.

Hot Line

An emergency communications link between the US and USSR presidents from 1963 to reduce the risk of accidental war, especially nuclear strikes.
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aide en lignenuméro d’urgencetéléassistance

hot line

n (Pol) → telefono rosso

hot line

n. línea telefónica de emergencia.
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As soon as Russia embarked on its large-scale military buildup in Syria, Moscow and Jerusalem made haste to set up a hot line to avert disastrous collisions over Syria.
We also have a hot line for tenants to inquire about their account.
All district heads will take immediate steps for the redressal of these complaints and will also inform about feed back to Media Hot Line regarding action taken on the complaints DSP Operation Branch has been nominated as supervisory officer of the Media Hot Line.
According to details in order to coordinate and provide assistance to media men, a Media Hot Line has been established at CPO Peshawar.
South Korea's Yonhap News Agency said the hot line has been used for cross-border travel for an inter-Korean industrial complex in the North's border town of Kaesong.
At the same time we inform that on February 18, 20 alarms were received on hot line, only 5 of which contained information
The hot line will be set up between the Home Secretaries of the two countries.
The Iranian leader made receptive comments about the potential hot line during a visit to New York last month to attend the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting, the Wall Street Journal reports.
The Bulgarian workers in Greece can use the hot line to voice complaints about violations of their labor rights as citizens of the European Union in another EU Member State.
To ensure veterans with mental health crises have immediate access to trained coordinators, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has established a 24-hour national suicide-prevention hot line.
TO ensure veterans with emotional crises have round-the clock access to trained professionals, the Department of Veterans Affairs has opened a national suicide-prevention hot line for veterans.
To ensure veterans with mental health crises have immediate access to trained coordinators, the Department of Veterans Affairs has announced a 24-hour, national suicide prevention hot line.