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hot button

n. Slang
Something that elicits a strong emotional response or reaction: an issue that became a hot button among younger voters.

hot-but·ton adj.


exciting strong feelings; highly charged; emotional: hot-button issues.
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This year, we're taking we're taking a deeper look at the hot-button issues of border security and immigration.
From pre-school to high school and beyond, Girl Culture tackles numerous hot-button issues, including the recent barrage of advertising geared toward very young girls emphasizing sexuality and extreme thinness.
A substitute trend this year may be films exploring the hot-button intersection of homosexuality and religious faith--in particular Save Me, arguably the most high-profile gay movie at the festival.
Researched with exacting precision and calculated depth, Blood Money will prove enlightening and fascinating to Civil War scholars and lay readers alike, as it exposes myths about the Civil War's origins, and reveals that the hot-button issues of the era served as a convenient means to distract Americans from the huge national debt being incurred--a crisis situation that would in turn prompt a hostile takeover of American banking and currency.
And Lerman, 58, continues the ongoing investigations that place the Dance Exchange at the center of public discourse on hot-button political, social, religious, and scientific issues.
A thoughtful and critically written dissection of a hot-button social topic, "Identity Crises" should be considered "must reading" for all social activists concerned with the growing domination of government into personal lives and liberties of American citizens.
New York writer, critic, and poet David Levi Strauss presents, Between The Eyes: Essays On Photography And Politics, an anthology of stimulating, serious-minded essays about the interplay of photography and politics, as well as hot-button topics and lasting social issues pertaining to both.
campuses by creating an environment more conducive to positive conversations on a range of hot-button issues, including race, religion and politics.
Despite the perennially hot-button subject matter, the work reveals a quieter Durant than the one to whom we are accustomed: Formal allusions are more contained than usual and pop-cultural references all but absent, and Durant looks the stronger for it.
During his confirmation hearings, he repeatedly declined requests from Democratic Senators to discuss his current views of abortion, civil rights, and other hot-button topics that are likely to come before the Court.
Months before the July 8 vote, the EEOC's restructuring was a hot-button issue.