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An axle or journal box, as on a railway car, that has become overheated by excessive friction.


1. (Railways) railways an axle or bearing on a train that has become overheated by excessive friction
2. (Baseball) baseball a type of mini baseball game
3. (Cookery) a container maintained at a high temperature to heat or cook its contents
vb (intr)
to smoke marijuana in a small confined area until it is full of smoketo take a long drag or a series of drags on a cigarette or joint


or hot′ box`,

a journal box on a railroad car overheated by excessive friction.
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Noun1.hotbox - a journal bearing (as of a railroad car) that has overheated
journal bearing - the bearing of a journal
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Contract Notice: Inverclyde Council wish to procure (purchase outright) a static asphalt hotbox for use within our East Hamilton St Depot.
As the brewery and Colorado restaurants have been blessed with growth, Oskar Blues also works hard to keep that hands-on, grassroots feel by kicking off small projects like The Crowler, B Stiff & Sons Old Fashioned Root Beer, Hotbox Coffee Roasters, North Carolina's REEB Ranch and handmade mountain bikes with REEB Cycles.
But I've been with niggas where you got a case, you hotbox your auntie's car, you driving real fast, the police pull you over, take you to jail, and then your friends are like, 'Free Tony
They declined my invitation to crash in our buggy hotbox on loan from Zeke, Vance's uncle, who defected from God and child support to cruise the pristine bays around St.
A series of hotbox experiments were performed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory to examine wall retrofit options, including replacing the cladding, adding insulation under the cladding, and multiple sealing methods that can be used when installing replacement windows in well-built or loosely built rough openings (Stovall et al.
The extracted tissues were oven dried to constant weight at 105 [degrees]C in a Gallenkamp[R] hotbox oven.
Sources have revealed that police officials are furious at the 'Boyfriend' hitmaker for his hotbox stunt outside Power 106, where he emerged in a cloud of smoke, TMZ.
Nothing can prepare the mind and body for 13-hour sits in a hotbox over looking a well-used pronghorn refreshment stand, but doing it for a few days in the off-season sure helps.
The one in Maine is a hotbox too, and on top of that, a happy hunting ground for deceased rodents.
Pothole's competitive advantage is the KM 8000T trailer and asphalt hotbox reclaimer.
Cooly's Hotbox vs Basement Jaxx We Don't Have To Be Alone (Droido techedit) To celebrate the digital release of all Cooly's Hotbox remixes from the Sole catalogue, Droido has got his hands on this 1999 track and given it a great techy, twisted edge for 2008.
This looks like the roof of the hotbox Sir Alec Guinness was thrown into in Bridge on the River Kwai.