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An axle or journal box, as on a railway car, that has become overheated by excessive friction.


1. (Railways) railways an axle or bearing on a train that has become overheated by excessive friction
2. (Baseball) baseball a type of mini baseball game
3. (Cookery) a container maintained at a high temperature to heat or cook its contents
vb (intr)
to smoke marijuana in a small confined area until it is full of smoketo take a long drag or a series of drags on a cigarette or joint


or hot′ box`,

a journal box on a railroad car overheated by excessive friction.
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Noun1.hotbox - a journal bearing (as of a railroad car) that has overheated
journal bearing - the bearing of a journal
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One of those was to automatically open the cars' sunroof on hot days to the "vent" position, when parked, so the car wouldn't feel like a hotbox if parked in the open.
Tenders are invited for 4 kit larsuel tool kit, insulated, salisbury by honeywell tk60 hotbox 60-piece, rated for exposure up to 1000vac and dielectrically tested at 10,000vac, meets or exceed astm 1505-07 and iec 900 standards for insulated hand tools, kit.
The VR50300-00-HS, which stands for High Speed, can be applied for a wide variety of spinning processes, and in the Hotbox with a max.
gt; Visitors can also enjoy a variety of fun fitness activities such as FlyBarre by FlyWheel Sports, MyGym for children, family yoga by the HotBox Kit, HIIT Class by Fast Athletic Train-ing, and fabulous live music by Abbo Music and Ohm Records.
But cabinet member for highways, Councillor John Brunt, said: "Four identical hotbox vehicles were declared surplus by highways at the end of June 2015.
But I've been with niggas where you got a case, you hotbox your auntie's car, you driving real fast, the police pull you over, take you to jail, and then your friends are like, 'Free Tony
They declined my invitation to crash in our buggy hotbox on loan from Zeke, Vance's uncle, who defected from God and child support to cruise the pristine bays around St.
Sometimes, growers will build a "mini greenhouse"--a cloche or hotbox over the young plants until the weather warms a bit.
A series of hotbox experiments were performed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory to examine wall retrofit options, including replacing the cladding, adding insulation under the cladding, and multiple sealing methods that can be used when installing replacement windows in well-built or loosely built rough openings (Stovall et al.
The extracted tissues were oven dried to constant weight at 105 [degrees]C in a Gallenkamp[R] hotbox oven.
Sources have revealed that police officials are furious at the 'Boyfriend' hitmaker for his hotbox stunt outside Power 106, where he emerged in a cloud of smoke, TMZ.
Nothing can prepare the mind and body for 13-hour sits in a hotbox over looking a well-used pronghorn refreshment stand, but doing it for a few days in the off-season sure helps.