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(ˈhɒt siˈtɒt si)

adj. Slang.
about as right as can be; perfect: Everything is just hotsy-totsy.
[1925–30; allegedly coined by Billie De Beck (d. 1942), U.S. cartoonist]
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Elisofon has an exuberant, gregarious manner and is prone to certain go-to phrases, like hotsy-totsy and easy-peasy, which becomes the basis of a playful argument between David and Sarah in the movie.
Raftery suggests that she is just depressed, explaining, "your boyfriend, Jack, the one you think's so hotsy-totsy, hasn't called and you're gloomy as a tick on Sunday," Faith meanly replies, "Cut the folkshit with me, Raftery, I muttered.
51234 21346 COEFFEOFFE 51234 21364 ARTISTRIES (ospd) 51234 21634 HOTSY-TOTSY 51234 26134 CARTERGATE?
Weigholtz for proposing certain advanced oral-hygiene treatments; around the time Harry the Fish Man's daughter, Fat Rosalie, gave away her father's beautiful little Schaeffer pen for a Suchard, the semisweet; not too long after Margoshes of the Forvitz ran this little item at the foot of his column: "Which hotsy-totsy Mexican actress should be called Amhoretz Del Rio for denying her Jewish blood?