house lights

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or house lights  (hous′līts′)
The lights that illuminate the audience section of a concert hall, theater, or auditorium.

house lights



pl n
(Theatre) the lights in the auditorium of a theatre, cinema, etc
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Radio City's Leanne Campbell told her breakfast show listeners yesterday when she went to see the film, the house lights were brought up twice before it even began.
by Times News Service ROP advised people not to switch off all their house lights when leaving.
Tenders are invited for Lighting system repairs and upgrades: replacement, repairs, and upgrades of existing electrical power and lighting theatrical dimming system at the school auditorium, along with repairs to lighting fixtures, distribution, house lights, and electrified battens
When the show ended, the band took its bow and the house lights came up, many people refused to leave their seats.
The house lights were down, the curtain was just about to go up when the manager appeared, puffing out his cheeks and wringing his hands to make an obviously important announcement.
At the moment it is like householders going away for a holiday, and leaving all the house lights on, and an electric fire, from the cost point of view.
YOU know that exciting moment at a concert when the house lights go down, and the venue stays lit by the glow of a thousand mobile phone screens?
In addition, the group spent $6,000 on new house lights at the middle/high school and created the Leo and Emily Boosahda Scholarship.
THEY say there's too much pressure, especially over Easter, but there was none of that on Easter Sunday night at The Ricoh (well maybe a bit for the guy who put the house lights on mid-set).
Then the house lights dimmed, and when they came back up again, the cheering crowd was waving flags and scarves in Anadolu Efes' colours.
When again they yelled, "Encore," he stepped to the foot of the stage, signaled for the house lights to come up, and said to the audience: "My friends, you don't know how you have made me feel tonight.
HITCHHIKER'S Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams was a constant presence at the performance, not only through his written word, but interviews with him were played as an informal introduction to the show before the house lights were dimmed.