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 (hous′pâr′ənt, -păr′-)
A person who supervises a residence, such as a dormitory, for young people.


(Social Welfare) social welfare a housefather or housemother


(ˈhaʊsˌpɛər ənt, -ˌpær-)

a housemother or housefather.
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Directly supervising the residents are six female houseparents called Nanay (the Filipino word for mother).
Only Laney, his housemate "sister" and adopted daughter of the houseparents, the Shanahans, seems to understand him.
A system of houseparents in the boys' home, typical of boarding schools, was intended as a substitute family.
uk/jobsearch, there are 33,645 jobs ranging from care assistants and home carers to houseparents and residential wardens.
Cosy boarding houses are run by houseparents, themselves teachers with their own families, ensuring pupils thrive in a stable environment.
Staff: 5 administrators, 14 instructional specialists (who may also be houseparents or otherwise live on campus), 12 interns/fellows, 10 administrative assistants, 4 chefs/cooks, 3 maintenance personnel
The huge investigation led to a handful of convictions including those of former houseparents Morag and Anthony Jordan who were jailed in June for assaulting child residents and former carer Gordon Wateridge who was jailed for a string of sex attacks during the 1970s.
Houseparents provide guidance and life skills for their "children" of various ages, races/ ethnicities (usually Black and Latina/o), genders and sexualities, and from cities and regions throughout North America.
During the two-week trial at the Royal Court of Jersey, the Jordans were accused of inflicting "casual and routine violence" while working as houseparents at the children's home.
Houseparents should have a strong commitment to children, the ability to communicate at an emotional level, the capacity to build relationships, a high degree of marital satisfaction, exposure to psychology courses, experience in child care, and a willingness to try new things.
Former houseparents Morag and Anthony Jordan, both 62, of Kirriemuir, Angus, deny 48 counts of common assault between them, dating from the 1970s and 1980s.
Now in their 40s, the alleged victims claimed they were part of a routine of violence inflicted by Morag and Anthony Jordan - originally from South Wales - former houseparents at the Haut de la Garenne home on the island of Jersey.