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intr.v. house·sat (-săt′), house·sit·ting, house·sits
To act as a housesitter.


or house′-sit`,

v.i. -sat, -sit•ting.
to take care of a residence while the regular occupant is away, esp. by living in it.
[1975–80; modeled on baby -sit]
house′ sit`ter, house′-sit`ter, n.
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Tenders are invited for construction of 1g and 1e type housesat kanha sainya i/c septic tank
Some years ago I housesat for friends and doled out something like $400 worth of yummies in just a few hours.
One summer I housesat a friend's waterfront condo on the Jersey shore.
Under this policy, pioneered in Birmingham, inner-city decline was tackled by improving the outside of whole streets of terraced housesat a time.