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The tasks, such as cleaning and cooking, that are performed in housekeeping.

house′work′er n.


(ˈhaʊsˌwɜr kər)

a person who is employed in a home, as a maid or cook.
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Thus] housework is an economic activity, even if the houseworker is a spouse who does not receive pecuniary compensation; it involves cost--primarily the opportunity cost of the houseworker's time.
Well, Hudson noted, unlike in Europe where wealthy houses require large staffs most Canadian houses only require a "cook general or houseworker.
Her father is a welder, retired with back injuries after thirty years of factory work; her mother a full-time houseworker.
Marlouw asks Jocelyn, Heleen's "imported" houseworKer from South Africa, to help him look into his future, remembering how his mother used to trust signs.
He said India will be the first country to sign houseworker recruitment deals following a similar step with the Philippines at the beginning of the current Hijri year.