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 (hŭv′ər, hŏv′-)
v. hov·ered, hov·er·ing, hov·ers
1. To remain floating, suspended, or fluttering in the air: gulls hovering over the waves.
2. To remain or linger in or near a place: hovering around the speaker's podium.
3. To remain in an uncertain state; waver: hovered between anger and remorse.
4. Computers To position a pointer over an object or area of the screen, causing a pop-up box to appear or other change to occur: Hover over the image to display the filename.
1. To cause to hover: The pilot hovered the helicopter a few feet above the icy river.
2. Computers To position (a pointer) over an object or area of the screen: hovered the cursor over the link.
The act or state of hovering: a helicopter in hover.

[Middle English hoveren, frequentative of hoven.]

hov′er·er n.
hov′er·ing·ly adv.


staying in the same position in the airremaining in or near one place


A self-sustaining maneuver whereby a fixed, or nearly fixed, position is maintained relative to a spot on the surface of the Earth or underwater.
References in classic literature ?
From time to time, as we two went on our way, the bright figure of the child paused, hovering low in the cloudless sky.
There's your law of precedents; there's your utility of traditions; there's the story of your obstinate survival of old beliefs never bottomed on the earth, and now not even hovering in the air
While hovering near an altar, on which some villagers were sacrificing a goat, she suddenly seized a piece of the flesh, and carried it, along with a burning cinder, to her nest.
And you see, a foreign female of that genteel appearance coming into the shop, and hovering--I should be the last to make use of a strong expression if I could avoid it, but hovering, sir--in the court-- you know it is--now ain't it?
By the yellow candlelight she saw the head distinctly, hovering in mid-air above her.
It's a splendid marsh, I see, and there are hawks," said Stepan Arkadyevitch, pointing to two great birds hovering over the reeds.
The beats of her heart grew fainter and fainter, and vaguer, like a fountain giving out, like an echo dying away;--and when she exhaled her last breath, she thought she saw in the half-opened heavens a gigantic parrot hovering above her head.
On one occasion I was so inconsiderate as to yawn while a number of them were hovering around me.
As he looked back at her, rough-coated and grief-stricken, he could see Terrence hovering solicitously near her.
They were delicious February days, with all the summer's promise hovering in the air.
As he stood hovering over you half suspended in air, so wildly and eagerly peering towards the horizon, you would have thought him some prophet or seer beholding the shadows of Fate, and by those wild cries announcing their coming.
Along the sweeping borders of the woods hung a dark cloud of savages, eyeing the passage of their enemies, and hovering at a distance, like vultures who were only kept from swooping on their prey by the presence and restraint of a superior army.