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(ˈhrʌvnə) ,




(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Ukraine, divided into 100 kopiykas
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This reduction from last year is due largely to a lower contribution from our Ukraine business given the cessation of operations in Crimea, ongoing turbulence in the East of Ukraine and hryvna devaluation, as well as to costs related to our re-launch in Uzbekistan.
a volatile and depreciating Hryvna, approximately 48% down against the
2 growth is partially due to Ukrainian Hryvna depreciation; Miratech estimates the effective business growth rate to be 20.
Kiev, Rabi'II 27, 1436, February 16, 2015, SPA -- Ukraine's national currency, the hryvna, plunged to new lows Monday, amid mounting uncertainty about the country's shaky finances, local media reported.
Next week, Crimea will officially introduce the ruble as a second official currency along with Ukrainian hryvna, Sergei Aksyonov said.
We highlight the fact that Luxoft's top line is denominated in hard currencies (USD, EUR) while its payrolls are denominated in the currencies of various emerging markets (the rouble, hryvna, etc.
5 billion hryvna (pounds 121 million) in damages to the state.
stock exchange temporarily and dropping the hryvna, Ukraine's
GDP in billion Ukrainian hryvna is calculated by the income approach.
Folk are loathe to spend from six to 12 hryvna (80p to pounds 3) to buy trees, preferring to dig them up in city parks and squares.
President Kuchma has declared that the long awaited new currency - hryvna - will be introduced in 1996 with the use of the IMF Stabilisation Fund which will replace the temporary karbovanets coupon introduced in January 1992.
Company, to benefit from the depreciation of the Hryvna as the majority