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[Ukrainian, probably from Russian grivnya, variant of grivna, pendant worn from the neck, obsolete unit of currency in medieval Russia, from griva, mane.]
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Noun1.hryvnia - the basic unit of money in Ukraine
Ukranian monetary unit - monetary unit in Ukraine
kopiyka - 100 kopiykas equal 1 hryvnia in Ukraine
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In response to increasing volatility of the hryvnia exchange rate the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) conducted FX interventions to alleviate excessive exchange rate fluctuations caused by temporary factors.
Faster growth in fuel prices due to a substantial increase in global oil prices and hryvnia depreciation in the past months contributed as well.
He pointed out that the Ministry of the Interior calls on citizens to observe the regulations of the countries they wish to travel to and comply with all instructions regulating this after submitting all required documents at one of the airports mentioned, including filling in the form and providing one personal photo with the hotel reservation or tourist voucher for (a tourist visa) and an invitation from an establishment, governmental or national company for (a commercial visa) with a payment of 2550 Ukrainian Hryvnia (about $ 100) to be paid by POS TERMINL upon receipt of the visa at the airport which entitles them to enter the states in compliance with all regulations for not being held accountable or punished.
com/Erazmus_UA/) Erazmus UA tweeted Friday an unnamed Ukrainian reseller's listing that showed the Samsung Galaxy S8 priced at 25,999 Ukrainian hryvnia ($963) and the Galaxy S8 Plus at 28,999 Ukrainian hryvnia ($1,074).
After the Yanukovych government was forced to float the exchange rate in November 2013, the hryvnia plunged to one-third of its previous value against the dollar, energy prices increased and inflation skyrocketed, peaking at an annualized rate of 61 percent by April 2015.
Grains export restrictions will remain in place in 2016 and will prevent farmers benefiting from export opportunities driven by rising global grains prices and a weaker hryvnia.
It was only when she started whispering to one of her colleagues, and giving me strange looks, that I wondered if my mastery of the local hryvnia currency was slightly off-beam.
The amount of the fine is 85 billion hryvnia," Yury Terentyev said in a post on Facebook.
The devaluation of the Ukrainian hryvnia affected net trading income and the appreciation of rouble, US dollar, and Swiss franc led to an increase in risk-weighted assets, the bank said.
Ukraine's assets dropped in November to the lowest level since 2005 as its foreign currency reserves contracted and the hryvnia slumped amid conflict in the eastern region.
GDP in the war-ravaged Ukraine is still shrinking and the Government is rapidly running out of funding to support its gas payments, prop up the slumping hryvnia (which lost half its value in 2014) and, of course, its struggling army.
If we have a cost price of 650 hryvnia per ton (about $65/mt) without VAT, the price will be raised to 1,100 hryvnia per ton (about $85), then the balance will be at the price of buying this coal," he said, adding that "it will still be cheaper than buying it from abroad the way we do now.