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 (hŭk) Slang
v. hucked, huck·ing, hucks
1. To throw or toss.
2. To cause (a vehicle or board such as a skateboard) to leave the ground when executing a jump or stunt.
3. To go over or across (an obstacle), especially when executing a stunt.
4. To jump or go off (an object or cliff, for example), as in snowboarding or basejumping.
To leave the ground when executing a jump or stunt, as on a skateboard.

[Perhaps akin to hike and hoick.]
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Noun1.huck - toweling consisting of coarse absorbent cotton or linen fabric
toweling, towelling - any of various fabrics (linen or cotton) used to make towels
References in classic literature ?
That's what the niggers say, and they know all about these kind of things, Huck.
It is a pity if Huck is to be talked to that way, just for making a little bit of a mistake that anybody could make.
Doan' talk to me 'bout Sollermun, Huck, I knows him by de back.
Why, Huck, doan' de French people talk de same way we does?
Huck, a seven-year-old red-footed tortoise, had been dumped by his kidnappers without any shelter from the elements.
USA], Aug 24 (ANI): Fans may have been surprised by Kim Kardashian's decision to have a third child with husband Kanye West, but for her best friend Simon Huck, she has always loved the idea of "having a big family.
Scandal" Season 6 won't end without Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Huck (Guillermo Diaz) getting an exciting storyline.
Challenger Marco Huck pulled a surprise on Wednesday by announcing he has split from his coach--just ten days before his world title bout against IBO cruiserweight champion Ola Afolabi.
Huck Finns America reassesses the legacy of one of America's most famous--and divisive--books and its author.
EDDIE HEARN says money will determine if Marco Huck accepts the challenge to face Tony Bellew at Goodison Park next summer.
It's a question few have asked, but that doesn't stop Huck Botko's tiresome comedy "Bad Johnson" from providing more than adequate answers.