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A fit of anger or annoyance; a pique: stormed off in a huff.
v. huffed, huff·ing, huffs
1. To puff; blow.
2. To make noisy, empty threats; bluster.
3. To react indignantly; take offense.
4. Slang To inhale the fumes of a volatile chemical or substance as a means of becoming intoxicated.
1. To cause to puff up; inflate.
2. To treat with insolence; bully.
3. To anger; annoy.
4. Slang To inhale the fumes of (a volatile chemical, for example) as a means of becoming intoxicated.

[Imitative of the sound of puffing.]

huff′er n.
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Tenders are invited for Huffer Road Spot Safety Improvement Project
COCKNEY REBEL trainer Geoff Huffer has scrapped plans to return to the training ranks to head owner Phil Cunningham's new Rebel Racing project in Newmarket, with Dave Morris instead called up to take over the licence for the ambitious new operation.
Their version of a huffer, or starter unit, is actually a very efficient design.
TEN people, including trainer Jeff Pearce, former trainer Geoff Huffer and jockey Jerry O'Dwyer, have been warned off by the British Horseracing Authority at the conclusion of the Sabre Light affair.
Cockney Rebel's owner, Phil Cunningham, led the tributes to Geoff Huffer following the announcement the Newmarket handler is to retire.
COCKNEY Rebel's owner Phil Cunningham led the tributes to Geoff Huffer following the announcement the Newmarket trainer is to retire.
He was cantering and a piece of paper flew across at the end and his hind leg hit his near-fore on the tendon," explained Huffer.
GEOFF HUFFER is convinced his dual Classic winner Cockney Rebel will come back better than ever.
SO FAR Cockney Rebel has made trainer Geoff Huffer and his connections do nothing but smile.
Huffer said: "That was incredible, just incredible.
Trainer Geoff Huffer and owner Phill Cunningham have already turned down some seven-figure offers, but will sell their money-spinning colt later in the year.
Physicians need to keep methanol inhalation poisoning in mind when there is suspicion that a huffer has come into the emergency department, "because methanol is one of those toxicants that we have a treatment regimen for," she said.