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A loose brocaded blouse worn by Maya women in Mexico and Central America.

[American Spanish, from Nahuatl huipilli.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a loose, richly embroidered blouse worn chiefly by Mayan women in Mexico and Central America
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buckets of latex 100% washable paint color rosa huipil duration 5 years.
Elena wore a green huipil with multicolored geometrical patterns and her hair was done up and adorned with pompoms, the traditional attire worn by Mayan women from the Quiche highlands.
She wore a beautifully embroidered colorful huipil and her earrings dangled down to her chest.
They stepped forward into the courtyard and three dimensions--the younger woman, with worry in her eyes, elegant in a billowy black dress, the older wearing an ancient huipil, embroidered in faded parrot colors, over khaki trousers--then vanished into Reynaldo's room with the desk and the big keys and the postcards of the ruins of Monte Alban.
It's as if all of Guatemala was a huipil woven by the hands of time, a rainbowed reality expressed in a thousand ways: longsuffering villages with deep ties to the land; life palpitating in the midst of the most everyday things; the mysterious essence of its millenary people.
I still own this first huipil, simple cotton with multicolored weavings on the neckline and red bands along the center, as beautiful as the day I bought it.
pachota, the family's beloved ceiba tree; huipil, "my blouse with the embroidered birds and flowers").
She's wearing the traditional lone skirts and braided hair of a Juchiteca, but her hands are big and hairy and there's a prominent Adam's apple above the collar of her huipil blouse.
Braided women in colorful embroidered huipil work their looms in the town's craft collective, drills and saws sound from expansion efforts at the health clinic and along the main thoroughfare bundled-up figures shovel gravel in the mist.
She tells me to the colorful huipil she made with her own hands.
I carry the huipil of colors for the fiesta when I return .
To be photographed, she has replaced her T-shirt with a traditional woven huipil and braided her hair quickly.