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Variant of cuitlacoche.
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Playing off of a traditional Hanukkah short rib dinner, Mago will offer a beef short rib entree (pulque braised beef short rib served with mole de manzana (apple mole) and cilantro potato latkes) for $26, a roasted half chicken with wild mushroom huitlacoche cream and roasted Yukon Gold potatoes for $20, and a guava and apple crisp dessert for $8.
Flores has suggested cultivating the corn mold huitlacoche, which plays as central a role in Mexican kitchens as the peppers do in Basque ones; saffron is another possibility.
The end-word of each line flows into the opening phrase of the next: "moonlit corn" reappears as "corn blue-bloom-covered" (presumably huitlacoche, or "corn smut"), and so on, until whirring metal, now missing teeth, metamorphoses into starlings.
Tambien lo seria el lugar de eleccion que tiene en nuestra mesa el huitlacoche que, ademas de ser una enfermedad del elote, es un alimento de color negro.
Savor hot appetizers of handmade potato gnocchi with blue crab and black truffle, or huitlacoche agnolotti, slow-roasted Sandy Hook rabbit with smoked chilies.
Huitlacoche (corn smut), caused by the phytopathogenic fungus Ustilago maydis, as a functional food.
Huye y es recogida por un grupo de revolucionarios, y entre ellos va el generoso y enamorado Huitlacoche quien la salva varias veces del abuso masculino.
Wahaca serves dishes that are conducive to sharing and have a MEXmas menu which includes dishes such as the Huitlacoche tortilla pie, made from the first European Huitlacoche crop, and a duck confit enchilada and sprout mole (roasted Brussel sprouts with toasted almonds, in rich mole sauce and topped with crumbled feta).
Teaching customers what types of wines pair well with chiles, Huitlacoche tortillas and other common can help boost sales in both wine and food.
Si el narrador afirma que la menstruacion de las mexicanas sabe a huitlacoche es porque el autor ya tuvo ese coagulo en la boca.
It's sold in the streets on sticks; its husks wrap tamales; its masa makes tortillas; and even its fungus yields the prized huitlacoche, "the Mexican truffle.