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A trademark for a light plastic hoop that is whirled around the body for play or exercise by the movement of the hips.


Trademark. a large tubular plastic hoop rotated about the body by hip motion.
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Noun1.Hula-Hoop - plaything consisting of a tubular plastic hoop for swinging around the hipshula-hoop - plaything consisting of a tubular plastic hoop for swinging around the hips
plaything, toy - an artifact designed to be played with
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John, also known as John the Juggler, only learned how to hula-hoop ten years ago but it has become a huge part of his life, inspiring him to launch the business as well as hosting popular hooping sessions at St Nicolas Church in Nuneaton on Monday nights.
To beat the record, an average of 40 people per store had to hula-hoop for two minutes and one second, according to Travis Queen, a Natural Grocers manager.
VETERAN singer Grace Jones goes topless at a music festival in New York - but at least she still has her trademark hula-hoop.
Live music from the 1940s and 50s, a vintage clothing stall and hula-hoop workshop were all part of the fun at The Gables Care Home.
WORCESTER -- It was a hula-hoop -- yes, a hula-hoop -- that changed it all for Worcester resident Sarah Daly.
BRING forward your most cynical citizens and get them to try to hula-hoop.
TUMS: "IT'S all about hula-hooping, even better if you use a weighted hula-hoop.
A WOMAN told by doctors that her sore chest was caused by a hula-hoop later discovered she had breast cancer.
Dutch hula-hoop artist Lisa Lottie performed the opening show of the festival on Saturday at Forum ystanbul, spinning up numerous hula-hoops over her body.
HULA-HOOP CLOCHE GET your children to help make this fun cloche and you will be able to go gardening whatever the weather.