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also hul·la·bal·loo (hŭl′ə-bə-lo͞o′)
n. pl. hul·la·ba·loos also hul·la·bal·loos
A loud noise or a condition of noisy confusion. See Synonyms at noise.

[Alteration of obsolete hollo-ballo, probably from holla, hello; see hello.]
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also hullaballoo
1. Sounds or a sound, especially when loud, confused, or disagreeable:
2. Offensively loud and insistent utterances, especially of disapproval:
Idiom: hue and cry.
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Once more, with beating of toms-toms and wild hullaballoo, his picturesque figure strode across the printed sheet.
The court could not fully record the statement of the key witness due to the hullaballoo.
DUBAI -- With all the hullaballoo surrounding Teefa In Trouble since last year, the world finally treated itself to the official teaser of the upcoming film - very much in Dubai at the opening ceremony of Pakistan Super League (PSL).
Some even claim that the Indian FM Swaraj while holding private talks with the Nepali leaders freshly have had sounded to them that the last King is being honored by the Indian side and thus no hullaballoo should be created in Nepal citing the event held in India.
PHOTO| MARION MAINAIt didn't help much that my mother happens to be a staunch believer of love, romance and the entire hullaballoo.
Amidst this romantic charm and hullaballoo, Melissa Randhawa speaks with few couples that hold an exceptional place in their hearts for their precious spouses, and take every opportunity to make their Valentine feel deeply loved.
So much hullaballoo on their activities does not only sound absurd but equally appears an insult to US's awesome military prowess.
Largely lost in all the hullaballoo here over some of his cruder remarks was his reported comment to a woman who was giving him a CIA briefing.
This is just being facetious about so much hullaballoo on the purported "No-el," or no election scenario making the rounds of the political circles in our country.
One teacher told us of how she found a class of small boys with their trousers undone, singing the song and giving it the indecent interpretation which - in spite of all the hullaballoo - is so obvious.
La Salle center Ben Mbala finds all the hullaballoo surrounding his second UAAP Most Valuable Player award amusing.
And of course, we continue to support excellent national portfolio organisations who play a key role in arts and culture on Teesside, including ARC Stockton Arts Centre, mima through Teesside University, and Darlington's Theatre Hullaballoo which is to open its Arts Councilsupported specialist children's theatre at the end of this year.