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Adj.1.human-centered - marked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare; "a humane physician"; "released the prisoner for humanitarian reasons"; "respect and humanistic regard for all members of our species"
humane - marked or motivated by concern with the alleviation of suffering
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Keywords: ICT Car Service, Human-Centered Design, Service Design, Usability Test, User experience
Mazda aims to become a brand connected to its customers by a special bond, and brighten people's lives by enhancing the Jinba-ittai performance of its cars based on its human-centered vehicle development philosophy.
Does your agency have a human-centered marketing/sales process?
The #ExecutiveDesignChallenge is based around the principle of human-centered design.
Satori Interactive is a boutique, user research & human-centered design organization wholly-owned by two sisters - Fela Smith and Dara Solomon.
Jarrell is a graduate student majoring in Human-Centered Computing.
The text intersperses and interweaves human-centered narratives of life in such a strange place with awe at the natural beauty and activities of emperor penguins, the only animal biologically adapted to the continent.
Clancey, Chief Scientist of Human-Centered Computing at the Intelligent Systems Division of the NASA Ames Center, talks about the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) program.
info/), where he helps entrepreneurs and professionals develop human-centered systems for health care delivery in developing countries.
For an inward-looking perspective to describe what IT practitioners and researchers need to do differently or anew, Tomlinson introduces the theme of extended human-centered approach (EHCA) and extended human-centered computing (EHCC).
All health games, or any kind of 'serious' game with a purpose beyond entertainment, always have the challenge of making the game fun versus getting across the information you want to get across," said the game's creator, Andrea Grimes Parker, a student in Human-Centered Computing in Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing.
A human-centered design approach is one that embraces that variation and uses human factors disciplines to provide solutions based on how people want, and need, to work in order to accomplish their tasks safely and effectively.

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