(hyo͞o′mən-ĭn′trĭst, -tər-ĭst, -trĕst′)
Presenting people and their problems, concerns, or achievements in a way that arouses interest or sympathy: a human-interest story.


(of a journalistic story) designed to arouse sympathy for the people and problems described.
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The stakeholders on all sides of the debate share an understanding that human-interest framing will make their (often conflicting) arguments more compelling and powerful.
Inspired by an Israeli human-interest story, Daly relocates the curious incident to Dublin, bringing all the excitement of a blockbuster treasure-hunt movie to his own backyard, while preserving the easy universal appeal of this inevitably tiny picture in the process.
SHAUNA Nevins, 24, from Gateshead, said: "I enjoy reading the stories and the human-interest features.
This advocacy group, much like Lucentra, promotes the globalization of business and gives education about the international business community, as well as global human-interest topics.
Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism has bestowed its 2007 Berger Award for Best Human-Interest Reporting on Abigail Tucker, a features writer for The Sun in Baltimore.
This was not just another human-interest story, but one telling of a very real need in our community.
It adds a human-interest story to the history of the battle for racial equality in America.
Nevertheless, the human-interest themes transcend time and place, and readers will chuckle over the eccentricities of fully dimensional characters whose experiences and escapades are often comical.
It was my first year in Chile, just having left my first big journalism job at The Miami Herald, where news for my beat meant mayors and police chiefs, with the occasional human-interest story for the weekend edition.
Climate change: the news is flooded with stories related to this issue, from the raging debate over whether the Kyoto Protocol is the best way to control climate change, to human-interest stories about rising ocean and flood waters and other climatological changes that are affecting vast numbers of people in almost every region of the world.
WE appeal to readers for human-interest stories relating to Rhydlafar Hospital near Cardiff - for publication in our society's pamphlet The Garth Domain.
Each plot summary is followed by commentary relating the opera to other arts (literature, painting, architecture) and, with a few well-chosen comments, placing the opera in context historically and psychologically, giving the sort of human-interest background that makes a potential listener eager to hear the work.

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