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Adj.1.human-sized - having the approximate size of a human being
sized - having a specified size
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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 shows the bombing of young children, a public execution, and an attack by human-sized mutated "lizard mutts" with flesh-tearing jaws -which ends in the death of a character.
Bubble Soccer is a unique form of soccer that sees players being encased in an inflated human-sized plastic ball.
Paul also got a human-sized Beano cover featuring himself.
DARPA Developing Atlas, the Human-Sized Robot, for Rescue
Visitors to will be able to enjoy Andy's interpretation of the Harlechcentred Mabinogi tales through minifigures and see his huge creation of the Cadw logo made entirely from human-sized Lego pieces.
The set of ten human-sized fibreglass bowling pins with a bowling ball have been decorated by survivors in acrylics, ceramics and mosaics to represent this courageous group of women who hail from different parts of the world.
The tone of The Producers was set by the human-sized pigeon wearing a Nazi armband which was posing outside of the Sunderland Empire before the show.
But for $200 per night, dogs can stay in their own human-sized suite complete with large beds, interesting artwork and luxurious touches.
Her only companion is a human-sized goldfish, and little by little, her own reality is disturbed by an upstairs neighbour who she has to cope with.
On November 7, 20-year-old Hamilton uploaded a barely 20-second YouTube video showing a human-sized eel in the Manawatu River.
Armed with little more than a camera phone and her wits, she learns the crimefighters are none other than four human-sized turtles called Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo.
Showing off the human-sized rocket in a central London office, Lester Haines, head of the "Special Projects Bureau" at technology magazine The Register, described the technical challenges and "big future" of 3D printing in aeronautics.