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Adj.1.human-sized - having the approximate size of a human being
sized - having a specified size
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May 22-Jun 21 GEMINI YOU will wonder how centaurs could stay alive without constantly eating, given that they have a massive horse's body but, presumably, only a human-sized stomach.
The students also visited WCM-Q's Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab where they saw hi-tech learning aids such as electronic medical mannequins and an anatomage table - a human-sized touchscreen display for visualising the human anatomy.
In 2011, a manga adaptation by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi re-imagined Ultraman as a human-sized hero wearing a metallic Ultraman suit.
We need human-sized jobs that fit in the hours allocated to them.
And then, as the celebrity begins sinking into the sand, they're treated to a human-sized lizard appearing on a rock (Ramez in a suit, but arguably, this is only his true form).
In recovery, Damon's character is welcomed by a nurse, who jokingly brings him a human-sized packed of Saltine characters.
The first floor features his Little Big Art collection and specialises in human-sized Lego sculptures.
To show that ITOP can generate complex 3D structures, printed, human-sized external ears were implanted under the skin of mice.
But Faccio's team is working to track human-sized figures hiding meters from the camera.
Paul also got a human-sized Beano cover featuring himself.
The set of ten human-sized fibreglass bowling pins with a bowling ball have been decorated by survivors in acrylics, ceramics and mosaics to represent this courageous group of women who hail from different parts of the world.
But for $200 per night, dogs can stay in their own human-sized suite complete with large beds, interesting artwork and luxurious touches.