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tr.v. hu·man·ized, hu·man·iz·ing, hu·man·iz·es
1. To portray or endow with human characteristics or attributes; make human: humanized the puppets with great skill.
2. To imbue with humaneness or human kindness; civilize: acts of courtesy that humanize life in a big city.
a. To modify (a nonhuman compound, cell, organ, or organism) such that some of its components are replaced with human forms of those components, usually by means of genetic engineering.
b. To replace most of the variable region of (a monoclonal antibody from a nonhuman source) with a human sequence of amino acids so that the resulting antibody is more compatible with the human immune system.

hu′man·i·za′tion (-mə-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
hu′man·iz′er n.
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Noun1.humanization - the act of making more human
improvement - the act of improving something; "their improvements increased the value of the property"


[ˌhjuːmənaɪˈzeɪʃən] Nhumanización f
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Prior Information Notice: Humanization and revitalization of the center-lutyne eagles.
Overlapping with the trend towards natural and organic pet food and treats, the humanization trend is an extension of the "pets as family" trend, whereby pet owners treat their pets like children and are highly receptive to products similar to the ones they use for themselves.
The seminar aimed to make a substantial contribution to the efforts of the Turkmenistan's Government as the country has recently declared its initiatives on humanization and decriminalization of the administration of criminal justice.
Cellmid and Rodon/ Biotecnol have collaborated closely during the humanization of CAB102 and establishing a very productive working relationship.
There are six of sorts of systems differed with the time of assembly of one product, with the level of flexibility and humanization of the human work
According to Huang, Abnova's initiation of an antibody humanization program with the American partner using a proprietary in-vitro immunization platform for its in-house monoclonal antibody targeting a HMGB1 (high-mobility group box 1) protein involved in sepsis.
The collaboration between these academic technology transfer offices will enable MBM ScienceBridge GmbH to access the world-class antibody humanization expertise of MRCT's Centre for Therapeutics Discovery and the work of its Therapeutic Antibody Group, led by Dr Tarran Jones.
The patent covers the production of humanized antibody light chains that contain amino acid substitutions made under PDL's antibody humanization technology and provides specific coverage for our daclizumab antibody.
The so-called humanization of pet products coincides with a growing segment of people who treat their pets like children.
He notes state territory and the settlement of disputes as among the areas where this humanization has had little or no impact.
Taking advantage of its broad technology platform beyond GlycoMAbTM into antibody humanization, expression and screening, GLYCART is establishing collaborations and partnerships with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to enhance the efficacy and utility of their antibody drug candidates.
It gives the people of Iran a face and a voice through their spokeswoman, Mar Jane Satrapi, and the humanization of a people who often appear far away and different is a benefit not to be ignored.

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