humic substance

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Noun1.humic substance - an organic residue of decaying organic matter
organic compound - any compound of carbon and another element or a radical
fulvic acid - a yellow to yellow-brown humic substance that is soluble in water under all pH conditions; "they measured the fluvial fulvic acid"
humic acid - a dark brown humic substance that is soluble in water only at pH values greater than 2; "the half-life of humic acid is measured in centuries"
humin - a black humic substance that is not soluble in water
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The amber pigmentation suggests the presence of a humic substance, a known inhibitor to downstream applications such as PCR (Atlas and Bartha, 1997).
Total N and humic substance C increased significantly with applied dose (P< 0.
Using a naturally occurring humic substance such as HA may eliminate unwanted environmental consequences of using a surfactant in the remediation of a contaminated soil.
In fact, this idea has been carried further to develop various mathematical models (the so-called analogue models), which predict cation-humic substances interactions based on the equating of binding sites in the humic substance with simple low molecular weight organic compounds that, acting together, have binding properties similar to those of humic substances [8, 9].
Cleaner protein by reducing humic substance interference
Cleaner Protein - Reduces humic substance interference
FA] ratio, suggesting that tillage causes preferential degradation of large-molecular-size humic substances and/or a neo-synthesis of small humic substance due to increased fresh-C input partially induced by liming and fertilisation (Novotny et al.
The FAF was the only humic substance to be significantly influenced by the treatments, and the application of organic compost alone had the largest impact on FAF (Table 4).
Lin HT, Wang MC, Li GC (2004) Complexation of arsenate with humic substance in water extract of compost.
Humic substance based OA are available in both liquid suspension and solid form; liquid suspensions are usually mixed with water and applied to the soil or plant foliage, while the solid granular products are either spread and incorporated into the soil or combined with synthetic inputs before application.
The extraction method was mainly based on that of the IHSS (International Humic Substance Society) method for extracting soil humic acids (Swift 1996), but the HCl/HF treatment of the humic acids was excluded.